Session 2 Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. We had eight students, which is almost double the number we had last week. I expect that different people will be able to attend on different days of the week, which is why I rotate days.

Tonight’s school was essentially a repeat of last week’s. I believe that repetition is important in developing good technique, and all my classes will basically begin in the same way – with warmups and practicing the Tai Chi Step. Over the summer we will develop different focuses and explore new techniques.

It is true that I talk a lot during my classes – this is just the way I do things. There is a lot of theoretical knowledge associated with swordplay, and sometimes it can only be given to students verbally. However, I want to make sure that practical knowledge is a priority in my classes, and so I started this blog.

Here, I intend to pontificate to my heart’s content, pouring out all the words that I keep in during classes in order to maintain the focus on practice. I have a number of posts on the boil – such as an examination of the differences between single combat and group fighting, discussions of several different weapon types and their use and purpose, and my thoughts on the battle games that are part of the Hundred Swords experience.

You can subscribe to this blog using an RSS reader, or just follow it at the Señor Capullo’s Facebook Group. Feel free to leave comments.


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